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Continuous generator sets are designed to operate for long periods of time at variable and high-power loads. As a source of continuous power, the diesel engine generator sets must have sufficient power to undertake the enormous power demands of the whole industrial system.
At the same time, when choosing the diesel engine, conservative estimates of the effective power should be considered, which means that the maximum power of the diesel engine should be appropriately higher than the actual needs, so that the wear degree of the parts can be reduced, and it can increase the service life of the generator sets.

Our Advantages
The diesel engine produced by Shangyan Power adopts the design of low fuel costs, which is realized by improving the intake to enable the diesel engine to obtain full burning capacity. Due to the fact that these diesel engines are used daily, any design of fuel efficiency and consumption reduction will have considerable influence on the final running cost.
The parts of diesel engines and alternators produced by Shangyan Power are all from well-known manufacturers, and we iteratively test the fitness under actual work conditions, and improve durability of the whole generator sets by high standard for detail and quality, which avoid the bad influence on the production efficiency because of frequent maintenance.
The generator sets adopt the highly integrated nature of the design, and combine many parts with similar functions to reduce the number and failure rate, so that it is easy and convenient to maintain.
The engine body is more compact and lighter to help users reduce the transportation costs. The generator sets can be directly loaded inside the trailer or pickup trucks to transport to various places to supply power such as mines, construction sites and so on.

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