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Diesel Engine

The reliable generator set is utilized as a primary power supply to ensure the work efficiency in many industrial applications such as mining, petroleum extraction, natural gas extraction and so on. Any potential failure threats may face the stagnation in the production of the whole system, and each minute downtime is costly. In that case, Shangyan Power can not only provide the diesel engine with ample power reservations with customers in various industries, we also pay more attention to improving the durability of the products and reducing the daily cost.

The marine diesel engine can be connected with propellers to provide direct power for the whole vessel, which includes the control of the speed and movement of the vessel and the torque during a dragnet operation. Shangyan Power provides six-cylinder, twelve-cylinder super marine diesel engines, with the maximum 440 HP adequate power to ensure the reliable power support.

By customizing different joints, drilling equipment diesel engines can support power for different types of drilling equipment, which can be applied to many fields such as oil drilling, coal explorations, geological prospecting, explorations of nonferrous metal, geothermal explorations and other activities.

Drilling equipment diesel engines are our self-designing and self-developing products which the power range is 58.8-790Kw.
Drilling equipment diesel engines can support power for the oil drilling, coal explorations, geological prospecting, explorations of nonferrous metal, geothermal explorations and other activities.


We offer the GR series 2-pole brushless alternators, and the power ranges between 5.4KVA-37.5KVA. These alternators feature a compact structure, small size, and light weight, making them an ideal choice for small industrial equipment power supply.

We provide the GR series 4-pole brushless alternators, with power ranging between 8.4KVA-3125KVA, which is ideal for supplying power to medium- to large-scale power stations. The alternator works easily with a diesel engine to support high-power industrial appliance applications, such as those in an oil field, mining, railway and more.

Shanyan Power provides the GR-M series 6-pole brushless alternator with a main power of 1125 KVA-2400 KVA. The 6 pole alternator is equipped with high-power diesel engines, and is specially used for dynamic power systems or electrical power systems of large-scale ships.

Diesel Generator

Shangyan Power, combined with Dongfeng Diesel Engine and Shanghai Stanford Power Equipment, is a Chinese recognized diesel engine and generator manufacturer founded in 1993. Our company design and manufacture a wide different types of industrial diesel engine, marine diesel engine, alternator and generator sets, contribute ourselves to provide Standy Power and backup power solutions for customers. Dongfeng Diesel Engine Institute here provides technical support and engineering team for improve diesel power solution, and we have full scale of equipment for manufacturing and testing diesel engines, make our effort to provide energy efficient engine and power solutions for industrial, marine, and oil drilling applications.

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